Cyro-Cell - Cord Blood Bank

After the success of transplantation umbilical cord blood or blood of the central rope first was published by New England Journal of Medicine in 1989, the research about cord bold, the place of the storage, and transplantation increasingly spreaded in the . The Value of cord blood are could to treat 70 diseases, including leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, diabetes and cerebral palsy. About 30,000 people a year in the United States are diagnosed with a disease that can be treated with cord blood stem cells. By the year 2015, there will be 10,000 cord blood transplants world-wide per year using publicly banked cord blood.
Cryo-Cell is one of the worlds largest and most established family cord blood banks with over 150,000 clients worldwide. So, entrusted to Cyro-Cell to keep your cord blood.