Online Video Advertising

If you are looking for revolutionary video advertising network, you can visit This is a revolutionary online video advertising network where corporate sponsor, video producers and third-party Website Publishers can come together to create and view branded user-generates content a fun, creative, and informative way. MeHype will give you great experience.

Well, through this unique process, Video Producer and website publishers can earn substantial income for creating and sharing their branded videos advertising through their social networks-gaining exposure for their favorite products, services and companies. Corporate sponsors get thousands of brand advocates developing ideas about their products and services, promoting them to millions. MeHype helps companies to create a virtual sales force capable of reaching million in a minute with your unique video marketing message, expressed in their own style.

Corporate sponsor post a brief such as new product introduction, revitalization of an old brand, etc. on MeHype. Producers then create video testimonials or commercials based on the established goals of the creative briefs. The sponsors/agencies ten review the content and give it a pass/fail status. Pass status allows the content to be posted on MeHype and other websites. Well, if you need deeper information or you want to ask any question, you can go to the official website right now.