Cellit Mobile Marketing

The development of technology has changed the way of business marketing. In the past, effective marketing is through television or newsletter. With the development of technology and information, the marketing is turn to internet and mobile phones. Internet and mobile marketing is an effective way in business marketing since it can directly reach mobile users.

Mobile marketing works by sending SMS or MMS containing business information to the mobile users. Therefore, mobile marketing can reach more potential customers than advertising through television, newspaper, or radio. If you want to promote your business products and services, you can visit cellitmarketing.com. Cellit Mobile Marketing is a mobile marketing provider. They offer easy way for their clients to manage their own mobile marketing campaigns and monitor the results. They have worked with numbers of clients like Hearst Corporation and HSBC.

Their sister company, House4Cell, provides mobile marketing service for real estate business. They have revolutionary tool designed to help the real estate business to serve home buyers better. They offer real estate text messaging solution with great features, customer support and competitive rate. The real estate business can send messages to the mobile users about house for sale in their area including the detail information and picture of the house. Just check in their site for the mobile marketing services.