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Aug 3, 2009. In the science fiction story Enders Game and its sequels, Peter Wiggin is Ender s (or Andrews) older brother.. peter wiggin -  peter wiggin - latest news, information, videos, photos, images.  Peter Wiggin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Peter is the first child of Theresa and John Paul Wiggin and the brother of Ender Wiggin and Valentine Wiggin. After the Bugger Wars Peter went on to become . peter wiggin - latest news, information, videos, photos, images  Some poor decision-making on the part of Peter Wiggin, adolescent Hegemon extraordinaire, leaves the fledgling Hegemony and its resources in the hands of Achilles. Though nominally disgraced in the eyes of the world after the revelation  Peter Wiggin - Orson Scott Card Wiki  Peter Wiggin is an independent software developer specializing in Web technologies. Shadow Puppets, by Orson Scott Card (2002) E  My fictional hero to me is Peter Wiggin brother of war hero Ender Wiggin. (I couldnt find a picture of him at all) Peter at first was a violent and cruel person because of his jealously for his brother. After time though he rose above  Peter Wiggin  Peter Wiggin is the eldest of the Wiggin children. He was the first to be monitored and showed great potential. However, Peter was too uncontrollably. My Fictional Hero- Peter Wiggin  It would be like Peter Wiggin: playing off of other emotions, while only showing emotions when it would be advantageous. Alot of our morality is based on what we feel is emotionally right and wrong.  Ender Game: Peter Wiggin  Freelance FCP Editor Peter Wiggins. Final Cut Pro editor, Motion Graphics, Training amp Consulting, Lectures amp Demonstrations., Fractals in Apples Motion, . Is It Moral To Build Gods?  Idustrial Revolution founder and broadcast editor Peter Wiggins has worked with a variety of cable networks including: BBC, CBS and CNN. A 25-year industry veteran, his past projects include covering the Winter Olympics and working  Peter Wiggins - Home