Civic Fed: Accusation of Racism Against Johns Hopkins is Free Speech

Jim Humphrey, who submits columns cursive by communicator County Civic Federation (MCCF) members to the Sentinel, sent us the mass statement about a past article on Gaithersburg West. The column, cursive by MCCF Land Use Chair Arnold Gordon, alleged favoritism on the conception of artist Hopkins because their development organisation created jobs in communicator County kinda than Baltimore.Adam -In 2004, the communicator Sentinel production long a big invitation to the communicator County Civic Federation to submit a weekly column, which we titled the "Federation Corner." The MCCF makes this article expanse available to its members to matter in on issues of grandness to them. The mass denial appears at the end of the column: "The views spoken in this article do not necessarily reflect conventional positions adopted by the Federation."In a past article ("Gaithersburg West organisation is a monstrosity," October 1, 2009), communicator and MCCF delegate Arnold Gordon display a question regarding the doable motives behindhand the artist Hopkins University offering to develop the Belward Farm which the Federation did not raise in its authorised position on the Gaithersburg West Sector Plan. As the underway coordinator of "Federation Corner" article submissions, I defend Mr. Gordon's correct to bear whatever question he thinks is germane to the discussion. The MCCF firmly believes that much a container for liberated style is useful and needed, patch at the same time we staleness inform readers that individualized views spoken in this article should not be mischaracterized as those of the Federation.Jim Humphrey