Heidi Klum: Nude, Chocolate-Covered

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You by no means be acquainted with approach again? Heidi Klum determination execute next. One day, she has a kid. The next, she's on Project Runway. Then, as luck counting contain it, she heavy nude, in chocolate.

Talk concerning scrumptious. Tasty. Yummy. Okay, this is receiving uncomfortable. Anyway, this and a lot of moreare obtainable in a fresh book concerning her.

It's attract . What? You don't care? Okay, here's a pic already. ..

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Yes, that's actually Heidi Klum. There are frontal shots.

Okay, so it's not as awesome as thespread for Russell James previous this year, but hey, are you actually leaving to complain? We consideration not.

Alright, sufficient converse and additional photographs. Follow the bound for additional tasty pictures of a chocolate-covered Heidi. Spoiler alert: She turns around!

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