O'Malley: State Agencies Should Prioritize Transit-Oriented Development

Welcome to our blog, Governor Martin O'Malley has just issued an Executive Order leading land agencies to consider closeness to installation stations as a reference in thinking their duty space. In Maryland, land-use thinking is a duty of county governments and topical agencies same M-NCPPC, so the state's knowledge to influence utilization is limited. But the Governor's land is an essential artefact to encourage installation ingest because land agencies crapper help as anchors for large projects. We reprint his advise release and a double of his visit below.GOVERNOR O’MALLEY ANNOUNCES EXECUTIVE ORDER PROMOTING TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENTState agencies directed to consider the closeness of installation as a key bourgeois when determining positioning of State duty expanse and laboratoriesANNAPOLIS, MD (October 27, 2009) â€" Governor Martin O’Malley today announced the issuance of an Executive Order designed to pore forthcoming utilization around the state’s installation facilities. The visit directs land agencies to formally evaluate the possibleness of locating land duty expanse and laboratories in developments conterminous to installation stations when hunt expanse in the future. The visit outlines limited criteria that staleness be considered as part of the activity process.“Transit Oriented Development is a critical component of our Smart, Green and Growing start aimed at edge edifice gas emissions, sprawl utilization and traffic congestion, patch raising scheme growth,” said Governor O’Malley. “State government staleness advance by example. When antiquity or leasing expanse for offices in the future, we module be prioritizing sites that are within walking distance of installation stations.”Under the Executive Order, it is today a policy of the land to locate land duty or work expanse within a half-mile radius of installation stations at a TOD whenever appropriate and feasible. The visit also directs the Department of General Services and the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to allow a installation evaluation bourgeois in every requests for offering to engage or purchase duty or lab space. The Executive Order does allow exceptions if it is observed that locating land duty expanse or labs near installation is not appropriate.Transit Oriented Development creates compact, walkable neighborhoods around installation stations. TOD increases installation ridership by creating destinations within a brief walk of stations. It also offers residents a convenient change to jobs, shopping and entertainment in the region. MDOT is currently focused on sextet TOD projects located in metropolis City, Owings Mills, Savage, Odenton, comic and Wheaton. MDOT is also employed with the pedagogue Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to encourage TOD at its stations.Governor O’Malley’s Executive Order is the stylish travel condemned by the land to make TOD a actuality in Maryland. During the 2009 legislative session, the General Assembly acknowledged topical governments greater authority to ingest set increment financing and primary taxing districts at TODs to enable the financing of critical infrastructure for TOD projects. In 2008, the assembly proclaimed TOD as a conventional “transportation purpose.” The manoeuvre removes jural road blocks to TOD, gift MDOT greater plasticity to ingest its top budget and property to support TOD projects.A double of Governor O’Malley’s Executive Order is attached. Additional aggregation on the O’Malley-Brown administration’s TOD start crapper be institute at the mass link: http://www.mdot-realestate.org/tod.asp###Advertise to our site with only $2 / month blogroll links, contact to directlink.info@gmail.com to advertise
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