Jon Gosselin to Hailey Glassman: I Suck, Sorry

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Chastened by his girlfriend previous this week, Jon Gosselin is owning up to his mistakes (while receiving a paycheck, of course) and apologizing to Hailey Glassman.

The realism star is annoying to create amends by means of Hailey, who attract him anand type of a d!ck the additional night, effective The Insider she's right.

"My girlfriend, , has paid a important cost to live beneath genuine a broken microscope, Gosselin told the show, construct too obtainable her complaints.

"I am grateful for her emotional hold up and regret any pain my events lady as she has selflessly born the pressures I contain endured beneath the broken glare."

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"I am committed to creation belongings correct by means of Hailey as healthy as Kate and particularly my children. I question you to satisfy provide me the chance to prove myself."

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman: A match complete in tabloid heaven.

When Jon isn't trading community barbs by means of his , he's filled of activity tangling by means of estranged wife Kate in excess of completely knowledge kids, completely demonstrate and monetary issues.

Hard to notify construct is worse. Okay, no it's not. Hailey in fact earth attractive chilly and understanding, calling him out but not ditching him either. Kate? Yech.

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